200-300 g oyster mushrooms

100 g GF flour (plus extra for dusting)

1 can of cider

Hand full of herbs (parsley, fennel tarragon)

Mushroom ketchup (recipe below)

100 g buckwheat

100 ml whey

50 g honey


350 g shallots

30 gm black garlic

10 g ginger

50 ml oil

400 g field mushrooms

30 g brown miso

50 ml vinegar

110 ml rice vinegar

40 ml oyster sauce

30 ml hoisin sauce

40 ml sweet soy sauce

10 ml dark soy sauce

30 g mushroom powder

15 g salt

10 g horseradish

1.6 g xanthan gum


First cook your mushrooms, we vacuum seal these with some olive oil and thyme and seasoning and cook at 85°C for 15min, or you can simply cook them in the oven turning them and basting as you go till tender and cool.

Make your batter, mix the flour and cider till you get a thin batter consistency.

Finely chop the herbs and add them to the dusting flour and set aside.

Toast off your buckwheat.

Burn your honey; place in a small pan bring to the boil and keep watching until the colour changes. Do not walk away.

Whey is the residue from straining yoghurt or soft cheese like ricotta. Slowly reduce till you reach the desired flavour.

To build the dish, dust the mushrooms in the herby flour and then your batter making sure you remove the excess batter, and place in the fryer.

When golden brown, place on kitchen paper to drain the excess grease and brush with whey and burnt honey. Drizzle with mushroom ketchup and sprinkle with toasted buckwheat and garnish with fennel.



Fry shallots in oil for 8 min, add ginger and garlic fry for further 3min.

Add mushrooms fry lightly till the mushrooms are deduced in size, then add all remaining ingredients (apart from xanthan gum) and simmer 30 minutes slowly.

Pass the sauce through a fine sieve and add xanthan gum slowly. Serve cold. Store in refrigerator.

Wine match: Wairau River Pinot Noir